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Janome is a Japanese company and was the first company to develop a computerized sewing machine for the home.  In Japanese “Janome” means “eye of the snake.”  We have noticed a high level of owner satisfaction with Janome sewing machines.

Janome logoOur list of the Best Janome Sewing machines is, in part, derived from our top rated Janome machines.  We have also considered features, consumer insights, pros & cons, specifications, etc.  Prices are approximate and based on Amazon. 

All of these sewing machines are good but we would urge you to read the reviews carefully before making a purchase because some may excel in one area and not another.  Consider your sewing needs carefully and make an informed decision.  Also, some of these are getting hard to find (see list at top of Janome Reviews page for more current, highly rated models)

Model Avg. Consumer Rating Approximate Price
Janome DC2014  97.7  $500
Janome 8077  96.8  $350
Janome New Home 720  98.0  $500
Janome Sewist 725S  97.1  $375
Janome Jem Gold 660  96.4  $200


Janome DC2014 Sewing Machine#1 Janome DC2014

Last year's Decor Computer sewing machine from Janome, the DC2014, is getting excellent ratings from owners. Owners like the range of stitch options, the host of useful features, the fact that the unit is sturdy and reliable, and the ease of use. It also comes with many accessories as well as a hard-shell carrying case. All this comes at a price however, and the DC2014 is not cheap. But even so, most owners still sing this sewing machine’s praises. Read our Janome DC2014 review.  You can also check out the latest pricing for this model on Amazon.

We would like to point out that almost all of the DCYEAR machines are very good, and the DC2013 and DC2015 are also excellent sewing machines.


Janome 8077 Sewing Machine#2 Janome 8077

The Janome 8077 computerized sewing machine is getting very good consumer ratings and reviews. Owners have very few negative things to say about this machine.  8077 owners praise its quiet operation, light weight and ability to easily sew through thick fabrics. It also comes with well written and easy to understand instructions.  Read our Janome 8077 review.  You can also check out the latest pricing for this model on Amazon.


Janome New Home 720 Sewing Machine#3 Janome New Home 720

The New Home 720 is a lightweight, ¾ size sewing machine that is getting excellent consumer ratings.   Many owners like the compact design and find it a great choice for taking to classes.  There is little negative written about this machine aside from the fact that it is a bit expensive.  The name can also be confusing as it is often a combination of several words such as “New Home”, “720”, Jem Platinum”, JNH720” and “JP720”. These generally all refer to the same machine but check the specifications first to be sure. Read our Janome New Home 720 review.  You can also check out the latest pricing for this model on Amazon.


Janome 2212 Sewing Machine#4 Janome Sewist 725S

This is a mechanical, bare-bones sewing machine but owner ratings are excellent. It is hard to find downsides to the 725S but it does have a limited number of stitches and features. It sews smoothly and it is not too heavy.  Read our Janome Sewist 725S review.  You can also check out the latest pricing for this model on Amazon.


Janome Jem Gold 660#5 Janome Jem Gold 660

The Janome Jem Gold 660 is another popular Janome sewing machine.  This unit can be found online for under $200 (at some outlets) and owners really like it for its simple and straightforward design, ease-of-use and very light weight. It is also sturdy and produces very even stitches.  In addition, like many Janome machines, the instruction materials are clear and well-written.  Read our Janome Jem Gold 660 review.  You can also check out the latest pricing for this model on Amazon.


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