85.2 There has been an evolution of the Singer Quantum Stylist sewing machine, from the 9960 to the 9980 to the more recent 9985. They are all similar but do have some key differences - # of stitches, # of alphabets, extension table, LCD interface, etc. The 9985 is currently the pinnacle of sewing machines in the Quantum Stylist stable with over 960 stitches and a color LCD touch interface with voice assistant. But the machine is not perfect and there are issues. In addition, the base 9960 is no slouch and is less expensive.


Singer Quantum Stylist 9960 vs 9980 vs 9985
The models look quite different and they also have several differences in terms of features. The following table shows, to the best of our knowledge, some of the key feature differences.

  9960 9980 9985
 # stitches 600 820 960
 # built-in alphabets 5 5 6
 LCD screen B&W* B&W Color, touch
 Screen size Smallish Smallish Larger
 Sewing assistant No Yes Yes
 Assistant voice No No Yes
 Extension table Yes No No

*B&W = black and white

Consumer Ratings
Over 300 owner ratings were found at quality retailers online - see table below. When a weighted average was applied to the figures, the Singer Quantum Stylist 9985 got a score of 85.2 out of 100. This is a good score but not stellar. You can compare this score to other sewing machine scores in our sewing machine ratings table.

Source Consumer Rating # Ratings
Amazon 4.3 stars out of 5 326
Walmart 4.1 stars out of 5 57
Sewing Machines Plus 2.5 stars out of 5 2


Pros & Cons
A thorough analysis of owner comments and reviews has provided the following 9985 pros and cons:

- Color, touch LCD screen
- Good looking, stylish machine
- Many stitches
- Automatic thread cutter
- Fairly quiet operation
- Sews through thick fabrics
- Sewing speed adjustment slider
- Lots of features
- Good quality stitch

- Sewing area smaller than expected
- On some machines things just break
- Singer customer service can be difficult
- Tricky to thread
- Alphabet stitches don’t look great
- Thread tension issues that result in tangling

What Are Owners Saying?
Owners really love the color touch screen on the 9985. There are many comments stating that the screen and the voice assistant really make using the machine much easier. This screen is also much larger than the screens on the 9960 and the 9980, and people find the larger screen easy to navigate and use.

Singer 9985 LCD Screen

Probably the second most popular feature is the automatic thread cutter. Sewists really find this feature handy (we’ve also seen this with other sewing machines that have an automatic thread cutter).

We often don’t report on the stylishness of a machine but there are several comments alluding to what a great looking sewing machine the 9985 is. While not a critical feature, it’s still nice.

Another important feature on any sewing machine is the quality of the stitch. Fortunately we’ve only heard good things about the quality of the 9985 stitch. Folks state that the stitches are fantastic and high quality, although this does not pertain to the alphabet stitching. The alphabet stitching is unfortunately considered by most to be sub-par (looks clumsy).

The motor is reported to be strong enough to allow the unit to stitch through multiple layers of fabric or tough materials. In addition, there are many comments highlighting that the 9985 is very quiet.

Singer Quantum Stylist Needle

The unit weighs about 20 lbs and this is both a pro and a con. Some people lament the weight because it makes the 9985 difficult to take to classes – it feels too heavy. Others like the weight as it helps the machine stay anchored when you are sewing.

There are multiple comments about the LED lighting. Some feel that the lighting is too dim and needs to be supplemented, while others write that the lighting is actually very good. We’re not sure why this is the case as we usually see one of the other and typically don’t run into conflicting comments about this particular feature.

Singer Quantum Stylist 9985

One of the most comment complaints about the sewing machine is that certain features just stop working or only work intermittently - things like the thread cutter, the backstitch button, the bobbin cover (hard to remove), etc. This is a source of significant frustration with owners and many report having to send the machine in for servicing whereby they frequently have a poor experience with Singer customer service.

Quite a few people struggle with threading the machine and many also report that the sewing area is on the small side. In addition, there are comments regarding thread tension issues that result in tangling.

You can read more 9985 owner reviews on Amazon.

Key Specifications
- 960 built-in stitches (basic, stretch, decorative)
- 13 one-step buttonholes
- 6 alphanumeric fonts (5 standard and 1 cyrillic)
- Color touch LCD screen
- 7-segment feed system
- Built-in thread cutter
- Speed control slider
- Max sewing speed = 850 stitches per minute
- Adjustable stitch length and width
- Max stitch width = 7mm
- Stitch mirror/elongation/editing
- Stitch memory (up to 60 characters)
- Programmable needle up/down
- Automatic needle threader
- 2 LED lights to illuminate sewing area
- Class 15 bobbin
- Top drop-in bobbin with clear cover
- Automatic bobbin winding
- Start/stop button
- Free arm
- Drop feed capable
- Reverse stitch button
- 25 needle positions
- Automatic tension control
- Snap-on presser feet
- Extra high presser foot lifter

All stitch patterns are shown on the underside of the upper lid. You can see most of the stitch patterns below.

Singer 9985 stitch chart 

Following is the Decorative and Letter stitch chart:

Singer 9985 Decorative and Alphabet Stitches

Other Features & Characteristics
It is important to note that this is a 120 volt machine only. It will work in the USA and Canada (and any other country that uses 120 volts). Otherwise you will have to buy a transformer to operate the machine. Probably best to look elsewhere if you are not running 120 volts.

Also, many think that the sewing machine uses class 15J bobbins but it does not. It uses class 15 bobbins.

All of the Singer Quantum Stylist machines weigh a similar 20 lbs (approximately). The unit also comes with a soft dust cover, on-board accessory storage, and a carry handle is built into the top.

Singer Quantum Stylkist 9985 Carry Handle

In addition, unlike the 9960, the 9985 does not include an extension table.

This machine comes with many accessories including a host of presser feet: All-purpose foot, Zipper foot, Blind hem foot, Darning foot, Button sewing foot, Open toe foot, Buttonhole foot, Satin stitch foot, Quarter inch foot, Walking foot, Rolled hem foot, Cording foot, and Overcasting foot.

Singer Quantum Stylist 9985 Presser Feet

You will also find a pack of needles, four class 15 bobbins, a lint brush, a spool pin, spool pin felt, thread spool caps, a quilting guide, and screwdrivers. In addition, there is a foot control, a power cord, a soft dust cover, and an instruction manual.

The Singer Quantum Stylist 9985 carries a 25-year limited warranty. Do not be fooled into thinking your entire machine is warranted for 25 years. For this machine the 25-year warranty breaks down as follows:

- 25 years on the sewing machine frame.
- 5 years on electronic and electrical parts.
- 1 year on mechanical parts and adjustments.

You can read more details about this particular warranty here. Including who bears the cost of shipping in certain instances.

Also, following is a handy link to a page that helps you find warranty information for most Singer Sewing Machines.

Sewing Machine Manual
The manual for the 9985 is provided in English, French and Spanish, and is fairly detailed. Illustrations are pretty good and you will find information on all the accessories, features, stitches and even maintenance. You can see a copy of the manual here: Singer Quantum Stylist 9985 Manual

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