Singer Sewing Machine Reviews

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Singer Sewing Machine Reviews

Singer Sewing Machine ReviewsAre Singer Sewing Machines worth the money? Which one is best? Read our reviews to find out. We look at features, warranty, pros & cons, consumer ratings, specifications, etc.

The Singer Sewing Company often needs no introduction as the name is synonymous with the sewing machine.  This company already had offices in several countries in the mid 1800’s and by the late 1800’s controlled 80% of the worldwide sewing machine market.  The company is named after “Isaac Merritt Singer” who invented the first practical sewing machine for domestic use.  Over many years the machine evolved and features were added and refined.  In 1975 Singer released the world’s first electronic sewing machine. 

Top 5 Ratings Chart - Singer Sewing Machines

Model Avg Consumer Rating
Singer Stylist 7258 sewing machine 93.1
Singer One Plus sewing machine 93.0
Singer Fashion Mate 7256 sewing machine 91.2
Singer ONE sewing machine 88.7
Singer Heavy Duty 4452 sewing machine 88.6

Brother sewing machine reviews
Brother Sewing Machine Reviews

Are Brother Sewing Machines worth the money? Which one is best? Read our reviews below to find out. We look at features, warranty, pros & cons, consumer ratings, and much more.  Brother makes domestic, computerized, and industrial sewing machines, as well as sergers, embroidery machines, and quilting machines. Machines are available for all skill levels, from the professional seamstress to the beginner. The company is owned by Brother Industries in Nagoya Japan.

Brother is also the supplier to the very popular show “Project Runway”. We have most of the Project Runway sewing machine reviews below.

Top 5 Ratings Chart - Brother Sewing Machines

Model Avg Consumer Rating
Brother PQ1500S quilting & sewing machine 97.0
Brother PC-420 Project Runway sewing machine 96.1
Brother XR3774 sewing machine 95.5
Brother CP6500 sewing machine 94.4
Brother JX2517 sewing machine 92.9

Juki sewing machine reviews

Juki Sewing Machine ReviewsAre Juki Sewing Machines worth the money? Which one is best? Read our reviews to find out.

In 1938 a group of machinery manufacturers in Tokyo invested in a company called Tokyo Juki Manufacturers Association.  In 1947 they introduced their first domestic sewing machine and shortly thereafter their first industrial sewing machine.  Today the Juki Corporation maintains two large product lines: Household & Semi-Professional Sewing Machines and Industrial Sewing Machines. Juki makes both mechanical and computerized sewing machines and the brand is well known for durability and performance.

Janome sewing machine reviews

Janome Sewing Machine ReviewsAre Janome Sewing Machines worth the money? Which one is best? Read our reviews to find out. We investigate features, pros & cons, owner ratings, specifications, warranty, and more.

Janome started in 1921 as The Pine Sewing Machine Factory and became the Janome Sewing Machine Company Ltd in 1954.  They were the first company to offer a computerized sewing machine for the home and the group now manufactures basic sewing machines, treadle powered sewing machines, computerized sewing machines, embroidery machines, and more.  Janome means "eye of the snake".  The company now has operations in the US, Canada, Central & South America, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, Africa, and Asia.

Top Ratings Chart - Janome Sewing Machines

Model Avg Consumer Rating
Janome Magnolia 7360 sewing machine 99.4
Janome Magnolia 7330 sewing machine 98.9
Janome DC2013 sewing machine 98.4
Janome DC5100 sewing machine 98.4
Janome DC2015 sewing machine 98.0
Janome New Home 720 sewing machine 98.0

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