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Embroidery Machine Deals

Today's embroidery machines are essentially computerized sewing machines that have the ability to store and create a design (from computer memory).  These machines typically hold the fabric tightly and move it underneath the needle to create the design.  Several domestic products are embroidery and sewing machines in one.  The domestic products usually only have one needle and will use one color thread at a time.  More industrial embroidery machines may use many needles and threads at once.

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Sewing Machine Deals

There are almost 600 products in the sewing machine category on Amazon.  Frequently there are substantial discounts ranging from just a few percent up to 70% or more.  If you are in the market for a new sewing machine it is worth a review of the sewing machine deals available below.

Sewing Tool Deals

There are many different tools used for sewing.  These may include scissors, sewing sets and kits, patterns and templates, marking and tracing tools, tape measures and rulers, seam rippers, pinking shears, and fabric rollers, to name only a few.  There are thousands of these products to choose from on Amazon and there is an ever-changing array of discounts available.  if you are in the market for sewing tools you may wish to check out the latest deals below:


Sewing Accessory Deals

Sewing is a hobby or business that has a tremendous range of accessories.  A short list may include carrying cases, pressure feet, attachments, parts, and memory cards.  Below we provide an ever-changing list of sewing machine accessory bargains that are available via Amazon.  Check them out:


Serger Deals

Sergers are also often called "overlock sewing machines" and used to be found exclusively in industry.  With the advent of sufficient technology bringing size and costs down, these machines can now be found in domestic settings.  Sergers are capable of an overlock stitch which is not typically available on a basic sewing machine (these usually use the lock stitch).  The overlock stitch provides a very strong finish to the edges of fabric - they are ideal for hemming, but are also good for attaching trims or embellishments. 

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