81.4 The Singer Simple 2263 is an inexpensive mechanical sewing machine that is indeed “simple” to use and work with. Owners feel it is great for basic clothing adjustments/mending and home projects, and it is a popular machine with beginners. The 2263 has 23 built-in stitches and a built-in needle threader. It is also fairly lightweight, making it a good candidate for taking to classes or sewing gatherings. However, some owners have found that their 2263 has issues with tension control, bobbin jamming/tangling, and the needle threader.


Consumer Ratings
A thorough review of quality online retailers has provided the following Singer Simple 2263 owner ratings – see table below. When a weighted average was applied to these figures we got an overall sewing machine score of 81.4/100. This is a fairly average score considering the scores of other machines on our website. You can see other ratings in our Sewing Machine Ratings table.

Source Consumer Rating # Ratings
Amazon 4.6 stars out of 5 74
Walmart 4.0 stars out of 5 582


Pros & Cons
An analysis of owner comments (we found over 600) provided many insights into the machine. We have distilled these into the most common “themes” and organized them into pros and cons below:

- Very easy to use
- Affordable (often under $100)
- Good fit for beginners
- Great for basic mending and sewing jobs
- Lightweight and portable
- Many like the self-threading feature
- Decent number of stitch options
- Online videos are helpful

- Bobbin tangling and jamming is common
- Self-threading doesn’t always work well
- Some issues with tension control
- Does not have drop-in bobbin
- Won’t stitch many layers of fabric

What Are Owners Saying?
For the most part owners are pleased with their Simple 2263, as the score of 81.4 indicates. There are essentially more positive comments/reviews than negative. Fairly common statements about this particular sewing machine include the likes of “Good Buy”, Highly Recommended”, and “Great Value”.

Probably the most popular characteristic about this unit is the ease of use. People find it a snap to set up and very easy to learn on and work with. Many owners are beginners and quite a few people also buy it for a child or grandchild. The 2263 is lightweight so it can be easily taken to classes or sewing gatherings.

Singer Simple Sewing Machine

Also, the low price of the machine is attractive. It can often be found under $100 and consumers find this attractive. Quite a few owners have pointed out that the low cost of the 2263 helped them make the decision to buy.

Other popular aspects of the unit include the self threading feature, the fact that it has a host of stitch options, and the helpful Singer-produced online tutorials/videos. Finally, many owners buy the machine for small sewing projects and garment adjustments/repairs. It appears to be a good machine for this kind of work.

Despite mostly favorable reviews there are some folks who have found fault(s) with their Simple 2263. Far and away the most common problem is that the bobbin tangles and jams. This may be the result of the bobbin housing catching the thread or perhaps a tension issue (or both). At any rate it seems to occur rather frequently with some owners, and simply untangling things does not seem to be a solution. It just happens again. Quite a few folks have run into this and they express a lot of frustration.

Singer 2263 needle

Also, a number of people have reported that the self-threading feature is either laborious to work with or that it doesn’t work at all. This is a little odd given that many owners also report that this is one of their favorite features. With respect to the feature not working well, some say this is simply because people don’t know how to use it properly, while others feel that this feature may work well on one machine but not on another.

Negative owner comments are peppered with bobbin jamming issues, tension control issues, and self-threading issues. These are the major concerns.

Singer Simple bobbin

It seems strange than many people have a great experience with this sewing machine while a significant number of owners experience problems. It is possible – and this is just an educated guess – that some units are “lemons” while others are not.

You may want to read more 2263 owner comments on Amazon.

Online Classes for your Singer Simple
Singer has produced a number of online video classes to help you get up to speed with your Singer Simple 2263. The first class, which is an overview of the machine, is called the “Owner’s Class” and you can view it below:

There are many more helpful 2263 videos from Singer which cover such things as threading, stitches, buttonholes, sewing a hem, accessories, etc. You can view these videos here.

Key Specifications
- 23 built in stitches (basic, stretch, decorative)
- One automatic 4-step buttonhole
- Stitch selection dial on front of machine
- Adjustable stitch length and width
- Extra high presser foot lifter
- Built-in needle threader
- Free arm* (handy for hemming, cuffs, etc.)
- Free motion capable**
- Front loading bobbin (bobbin class 15)
- Reverse stitch lever
- LED lighting of sewing area
- Variable needle positions

*Remove storage compartment for free arm sewing.
**The darning plate can be placed over the feed teeth which stops them from contacting the material/fabric.

Following is an illustration showing the different stitches provided with your 2263:

Singer 2263 stitches
Weight & Frame
This sewing machine is fairly lightweight at only 12.8 lbs. We keep a list of the best lightweight sewing machines but most of these are under 12 lbs and score higher than the Simple 2263 – see our Best Portable Sewing Machines list. 

The 2263 also has a metal frame which helps with overall durability and is also useful in generating skip-free sewing.

A number of accessories come with the sewing machine including several sewing feet: buttonhole foot, button sewing foot, general purpose foot. You will also find a thread spool cap, bobbins (class 15 transparent), a pack of needles, a seam ripper & lint brush, a darning plate, and an L-screwdriver. Many of these accessories can be stored in the removable storage compartment built into the sewing machine.

Singer Simple 2263 accessories

In addition, there is a foot control, a power cord, and an instruction manual.

The Singer Simple 2263 carries a 90 day / 2yr / 24yr warranty. This means:

- Limited 90-day warranty on attachments, belts, bulbs, rings, and adjustments.
- Limited 2-year warranty on electric parts such as motors, lighting assembly, wiring, speed control, switches, and electronic components.
- Limited 24-year warranty on the sewing machine head.

Singer 2263 Manual
The manual is provided in English, Spanish and French. The manual covers the basics/features of the machine, setting up, starting to sew, troubleshooting and maintenance. You can see a copy of the manual here: Singer Simple 2263 Manual 

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