52.4 This review is really more of a heads-up for folks looking for an inexpensive, light machine for quick sewing work.  The heads-up is this - think carefully before buying the Singer Quickfix sewing machine (sometimes spelled QuikFix).  Yes it is lightweight and inexpensive but it surely has some issues and many owners don't like it. 

Consumer Ratings
Reading  comments and reviews from QuickFix owners is interesting.  They either love this sewing machine or hate it.  The problem here is that the majority hate it.  Consumer ratings were found at three different sources (see table below) and when the figures were averaged they produced a score of 52.4 out of a possible 100.  This is the lowest score of any machine we have looked at on the site to date.

 Source  Consumer Ratings  #Ratings
 Amazon  2.6 stars out of 5  42
 Target  2.5 stars out of 5  19
 Rakuten  5 stars out of 5  2


Consumer Insights
A review of owner comments provided the following insights into this machine:

- Very lightweight and easy to carry
- Manual is fairly clear

- Has many cheap-feeling plastic parts
- Bobbin case is not well made and can be problematic
- Thread jams frequently
- Will not sew through thick fabric
- Many people report problems in threading the machine
- Breaks down frequently

The QuickFix is designed for quick mending jobs but it may also be a fit for budding seamstresses (perhaps teens or pre-teens).  The manual and instructions are fairly clear and there are owners who feel the machine works well and is a decent buy.  But they are in the minority.

As can be seen in the pros & cons section above there are quite a few more cons than pros.  There are a number of comments pointing out that the unit is very cheaply made and some folks report having difficulty getting the dials to turn properly (the stitch dial for example).  Furthermore some owners feel that parts of the machine may easily break. Also, there are many comments (across multiple websites) indicating that buyers had received their sewing machine in a box that had been previously opened and in some cases had parts or accessories missing.

Consumers report that the machine frequently skips stitches or the thread breaks.  The troubleshooting portion of the owner's manual has some potential solutions to these problems but they seem to have limited effect.  We have also found a few videos below which may help when inserting the bobbin, threading the sewing machine, and stitching.

See more QuickFix owner comments on Amazon.

Key Sewing Machine Features
- Can be plugged-in to a wall socket or operated on batteries
- 4 different stitch types: straight stitch, zigzag stitch, blind stitch and rampart stitch
- Total of 8 patterns selectable via stitch selector dial (pattern diagram printed on front of sewing machine)
- Sewing area light
- Built-in storage for accessories
- Top loaded drop-in bobbin
- Foot pedal
- Built-in free arm
- Reverse sewing button
- Built-in thread cutter
- General purpose foot
- Automatic bobbin winder
- Speed controller (2 settings: High and Low)

The sewing machine comes with a power cord but it can also operate on battery power.  It takes 4 AA batteries.  The QuickFix comes with an owner’s manual, a foot pedal and a few accessories: thread spools, metal drop-in bobbins, a needle threader and an extra needle.

The QuickFix weighs a very lightweight 1.5 lbs and carries a 90 Day Limited Manufacturer's Warranty.

The following video is a short 2 minute threading tutorial.

The following video is a short 2 minute bobbin winding tutorial. 

The following video is a short 2 minute stitching tutorial.

Note: If Singer is truly your brand of choice you may wish to consider one of the more highly rated Singers shown below (although these are a little more expensive and not necessarily for quick mending)::

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Singer ONE: score = 94.6

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