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80.9 The bottom line with the Singer Curvy is the following: If you get a good machine you will probably like it, however if you get a “lemon” you will likely have a problem.  A number of owners report receiving a sewing machine with problems and when trying to resolve these through the Singer Help Center, they got nowhere.  The short of it is that there is some risk when purchasing a Singer Curvy.

We found 110 reviews from multiple online retail websites and these are compiled in the table below.  When averaged these provide a score of 80.9 out of a possible 100.  When compared to scores for Brother or Janome machines (for example), this is a bit on the low side.  You may wish to check out our table of sewing machine ratings for comparison purposes.

 Source Consumer Ratings #Ratings
 Amazon 3.9 stars out of 5 75
 Overstock 4.5 stars out of 5 15
 Walmart 3.9 stars out of 5 11
 Joann 4.8 stars out of 5 5
 Sewing Machines Plus 4.0 stars out of 5 2
 Costco 5 stars out of 5 2

A review of consumer comments related to the Curvy indicates the following likes and dislikes:

- Many built in stitches
- Easy to setup and use
- Good for beginners and intermediate users
- No need to adjust tension
- Many owners feel the threading system works well
- Choosing stitches is easy
- Consistent, even straight stitches
- Helpful DVD

- You need extra bobbins
- Light not very bright
- Some machines have problems
- Singer customer service is poor

stitch panel
Stitch panel and width & length controls

There are a host of comments about different features or parts of the machine breaking or ceasing to work:  “foot pedal stopped working”, “could not get the bobbin winding function to work”, “needle snapped”, “thread bunches up”, “thread jams every time”, “skipped stitches”, etc.

Some folks report that when they attempted to call the Singer Help Center (to address problems with their machine) there were very long wait times.    Also owners have indicated that the people at the Singer Help Center weren’t actually that helpful.  If you leave a message with the Help Center they apparently do not return calls promptly.  In addition, we have read more than one account in which owners were told to take their machine to an Authorized Repair Dealership that either didn’t exist or was next to impossible to contact.

Having said the above, we do find owners who like their Curvy 8763.  These folks report that it is easy to use, that it has most if not all of the features they need for basic home sewing, and that it works fine for them.  Some report using the machine for more than a year with absolutely no problems whatsoever.

Given the conflicting reports we would say that the problems related to the Curvy may simply be due to some machines being “lemons”.  The big question for a potential buyer is “what is the chance of getting a lemon?”  We can’t answer that but there are a sufficient number of complaints to make one cautious.

Other consumer comments highlight that the machine is good for the beginner or intermediate sewer, and that the manual is fairly good with easy to follow illustrations although some of the text/grammar is odd which can lead to a bit of confusion.  Most owners also report that they like the automatic needle threader but there are a few folks that simply cannot get the hang of it and find it frustrating.

You can read more Curvy customer reviews on Amazon if you wish.

Key Specifications
- 30 built-in stitches
- 6 basic stitches, 5 stretch stitches, 17 decorative stitches.
- 2 automatic one-step buttonholes
- Adjustable stitch length and width
- Max stitch width = 7mm
- Stitch selection panel on front of machine
- Automatic needle threader
- Carry handle
- Twin needle capable
- Top drop-in bobbin
- Class 15J bobbin
- Transparent bobbin and bobbin cover
- Automatic bobbin winding clutch
- Sewing area light.  3 long lasting (100,000hr) LED bulbs.
- Automatic tension
- Snap on presser feet
- Free arm
- Accessory storage in fee arm
- Foot pedal
- Automatic threading system (SwiftSmart)
- Automatic reverse button
- Max sewing speed of 750 stitches per minute
- Six segment feed dog with box feed motion
- Built-in thread cutter
- Power control system (maintains power as necessary when sewing through different fabrics).
- Soft dust cover
- Automatic presser foot pressure
- Extra high presser foot lift (for multiple layers or thick fabric)
- Center zigzag taper
- 13 needle positions

The Curvy has new technology that enables very easy threading of the machine and bobbin.  Singer calls this the SwiftSmart Threading System and you simply guide the thread from the spool to the needle through the groove on the front to the machine, then you use the one-touch needle threading feature.  The video below (without sound) shows how to thread the Curvy.

The Curvy, like most Singer machines, carries a 25-year limited warranty.  And like most Singer machines this breaks down into 25-years on the head, 5-years on the motor and electronic components, and 1-year on belts, bulbs, and attachments.

A number of accessories are provided with the 8763 including 5 presser feet: All-purpose foot, zipper foot, blind hem foot, satin stitch foot, buttonhole foot.  In addition, there are also bobbins, needles, a screwdriver, spool caps, felt discs, an auxiliary spool pin, a lint brush, a seam ripper, and a darning cover plate. 

curvy accessories
Included accessories

Fortunately the machine comes with a power cord as there is nothing worse than getting a device without a power cord (it does happen).  There is also an instruction manual and DVD.  The 8763 has an aluminium frame and weighs about 17lbs – neither light nor particularly heavy.

Note: If Singer is truly your brand of choice you may wish to consider one of the more highly rated Singers shown below:

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Singer Fashion Mate 7256: score = 91.2
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