Pfaff is one of the world's leading manufacturers of sewing machines. Many of the Pfaff sewing machines are suited for the designer or seamstress who wants to make more professional looking garments.  However, whether you are just starting to sew, or are a professional seamstress, or even if you are a designer; Pfaff sewing machines will help you produce more finished looking garments and crafts like quilts or embroidery.  Pfaff also produces sergers and embroidery machines.

The Beginning
Pfaff sewing machines have been around for about 150 years.  The company was founded in 1862 by George Michael Pfaff who started his professional career by making brass musical instruments. As a child who came from a family of diverse craftsmen in Kaiserslautern, Germany, Pfaff eventually gravitated towards inventing sewing machines; and his first sewing machine was made entirely from scratch.  After the one- millionth sale in 1910, Pfaff sewing machines became one of the best-selling sewing machines in the world.  The company is fairly old and has been built up gradually through quality design, manufacturing, and a diverse range of products.  Today, SVP Worldwide owns Pfaff and continues the original vision of George Michael Pfaff. 

Martha Stewart's Endorsement
While Martha Stewart uses many different brands and models of sewing machines, she finds that Pfaff sewing machines have certain qualities that set them apart from the rest.  Obviously, as a leading home and design expert, she was the perfect spokesperson for Pfaff to use to endorse their machines.  Her involvement with Pfaff started with a growing group of sewing and craft enthusiasts who wanted to get back to the basics of making their own clothes and home accents and needed reliable machines.  Pfaff also sponsors the Concours International Des Jeunes Creature de Monde competition in Paris for young fashion designers who use home sewing machines to create a line of clothing. 

Pfaff Sewing Machines
There are many different Pfaff sewing machines with many different features.  One of the key features of Pfaff sewing machines is that they have a foot designed to sew almost any kind of material.  For example, there is a beading foot available, and also an edging foot.  If you design anything from clothing to curtains, you know that the finishing touches on your design will make your project stand out.  An optional beading foot, an optional edging foot, and a large variety of other functional stitches that are programmed into these machines make the Pfaff sewing machines able to accomplish most home sewing projects and do it professionaly.  One of the more popular models is the Expression 3.0, which provides all of the features that someone who wants to move ahead in the design world needs to get started.      

Pfaff Sergers/Overlocks
Sergers are the easiest way to create fashionable items for yourself or for your clients.  The reason why Pfaff is a preferred brand is because these machines work with all of the new fabrics and materials.  If you are a designer, these machines are generally used in partnership with a straight-stitch sewing machine to put the finishing touches on a garment.  With the versatility of these machines, in combination with a standard sewing machine, you can produce professional-looking finished seams, trims, and even invisible hems.  

Pfaff Embroidery Machines
The embroidery machines from Pfaff have received design awards from international organizations like Red Dot Design.  This award was given to Pfaff sewing machines for the design of the 'Creative Vision' embroidery and sewing machine.  The point of this award, according to the organization, is to recognize sewing machines that are designed to perform more than one function.  There are several reasons why this machine has been given this prestigious award.  First of all, it is equally effective as a sewing machine as it is as an embroidery device.  This Pfaff product offers a larger embroidery surface, adjustable LED lighting, and what is trademarked as an IDT system.  This IDT system provides for more precise sewing on all sizes of embroidery projects.  Pfaff has also taken quilting to a new level by using embroidery as an alternative to traditional quilting.  This is a new trend for quilters worldwide.  As well, Pfaff sewing machines has a contract with companies like M.I. Hummel.  This provides for patterns that let you recreate the Hummel characters and other familiar icons when you embroider.

Accessories and Support Services
There are sewing machine accessories that a designer needs to buy when they want to work with different fabrics and other decorative materials to embellish what they are sewing. If you want to be creative, you will need a sewing machine that keeps up with new materials.  Also, if you are just starting out, you may need creative ideas and patterns that go with the projects that you want to complete.  Pfaff sewing machines has a creative resource team that can supply you with ideas and tips that will get your project completed in a fashion-forward way, no matter what your sewing level.

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