94.6 Owners heap praise on the Juki TL-2010Q for its stitch quality and its ability to effortlessly sew through thick materials – even at high speed.  The machine is also getting great reviews and ratings from quilters.   This is a powerful, workhorse of a sewing machine that is well built.  However it only has a straight stitch which some may find limiting.  Also, it is described by some as a portable machine and while it has a carry handle it is still quite hefty.

The TL-2010Q is a single needle, lock-stitch sewing machine constructed of aluminum die-casting.  It is very similar to the TL-2000Qi but it comes with a variable speed controller.  If you do not want or need a variable speed controller you may wish to consider the TL-2000Qi which also has fantastic consumer ratings.  See our TL-2000Qi review.

Consumer Ratings
We found 117 owner ratings for the Juki TL2010Q.  These were found at 3 quality retail outlets and are shown in the table below.  When averaged these consumer ratings result in a score of 94.6 out of 100 which is very good.  You can see other scores in our sewing machine ratings table.  We also note that the TL2000Qi has a very similar score of 94.0.

Source Consumer Rating #Ratings
Amazon 4.7 stars out of 5 85
SewVacDirect 4.8 stars out of 5 6
Sewing Machines Plus 4.8 stars out of 5 26


What are Owners Saying?
A very thorough review of owner comments has provided the following TL2010Q likes and dislikes:

- Beautiful stitch quality
- Great machine for free motion quilting
- Able to easily sew through thick, heavy materials
- Easy to setup and operate
- High quality fit and finish
- Feels sturdy
- Has variable sewing speed control

- The automatic needle threader is a source of frustration for many
- The foot controlled thread cutter is sometimes activated inadvertently
- Only produces straight stitches

Juki TL2010Q

Owners rave about the TL2010Q’s stitch quality.  This is probably the single most talked about characteristic of this sewing machine.  The stitch is described as “beautiful” and “straight”.  There are also reports that there are virtually no skipped stitches, no broken threads, and no tangling.

TL2010Q sewing area

Quilters love the machine and some describe it as a “quilter’s dream”.  It has a large throat which is helpful for quilting and larger projects.  Two types of quilting feet are also supplied with the machine – a 1/5 quilting foot and a 1/4 quilting foot.

It can sew very quickly and the speed control is a popular feature.  At high speed people report that there is absolutely no vibration and the machine is still very smooth.  In addition, it effectively sews through thick materials even at high speed.  The speed control mechanism is operated by a micro-computer.

TL2010Q sews through thick material

Owners are pleased that the Juki 2010Q is quiet, easy to operate, solid, and that it comes with a carry handle.  The tension also comes properly setup right out of the box – most folks find they don’t have to make adjustments.  Finally, when Juki customer service is contacted the results are usually very good.  They are responsible, efficient and take their products seriously.  This is not always the case with some of the other manufacturers we have looked at.
On the downside, many folks struggle with the push lever needle threader on this unit.  Quite a few owners find it really tricky to figure out and there is significant frustration related to this feature.  Following is one of the better videos at sorting out the needle threader:

Juki TL2010Q Foot Pedal

A few folks have run into trouble with the thread cutter being incorporated into the foot pedal.  They inadvertently cut the thread.  This is not a huge issue as most folks who experience it have also indicated that they have learned to use the pedal such that this no longer happens, but it takes a bit of practice.  The thread cutter simultaneously cuts the needle and bobbin threads and can also be controlled via a push button.

There have also been reports of people having trouble with the walking foot.  Several other consumers have written that a few drops of sewing machine oil inside the walking foot does wonders.

You can see more TL2010Q owner comments on Amazon or check out TL2010Q Pricing on Amazon if you wish.

While most owners feel the lighting in the sewing area is sufficient, there are a few who would like a more illuminated space.  One solution is to use a popular sewing machine lighting kit, and those who have tried it say it does a very good job.  You can see the product on Amazon (see ad to right) and it is getting pretty solid reviews.  You can use this on any sewing machine. Below is an image of the light thrown off by this kit when used on the TL2010Q.  

Sewing Machine LED lighting strip

Key Sewing Machine Specifications
- Straight stitch (only)
- Max stitch length = 6mm
- Automatic needle threader
- Automatic thread trimmer (via foot controller or button)
- Extra high presser foot lift (max = 12mm)
- Adjustable presser foot pressure
- Feed dog can be raised or lowered via a switch
- Needle up/down control
- Sewing speed control slider
- Max sewing speed = 1500 stitches per minute
- Min sewing speed = 200 stitches per minute
- Extended flat bed
- Knee lifter lever
- Easy bobbin replacement
- LED light
- Throat area = 8.5 x 5.9 inches
- Sub tension unit
- Thread tension scale
- Preset needle stop position

This machine is not particularly light weight and despite being called “portable” and having a carry handle, it is something of a chore to move around.  It weighs in at a hefty 25.4 lbs.  It is also UL listed.  UL stands for Underwriters’ Laboratories and this group certifies that the product meets certain safety standards.

In addition to the Standard Presser Foot, 6 more presser feet are provided with the 2010Q: 1/4 inch Quilt Foot, 1/5 inch Quilt Foot, Even-Feed Foot, Zipper Attaching Foot, Hemming Foot, Compensating Foot.  See image below.

TL2010Q Sewing Feet

Additional accessories include 2 screwdrivers, a cleaning brush, 4 bobbins, a spool cap, a knee lift lever, needles, and oiler, and a sewing machine cover.  There is also an extended flat bed.

TL2010Q extension table

The manufacturer’s warranty is for 5-years on mechanical defects, 2-years on electrical defects and 90 days on defects in material or workmanship.

Sewing Machine Manual
The manual is written in English, Spanish and French.  It includes information and details on sewing machine features, basic operating procedures, maintenance and some troubleshooting.  You can view it here: Juki TL2010Q Manual



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