91.0 The Janome NQM2016 is a computerized sewing machine that's great for quilting and is getting solid reviews and ratings from owners.  It is quiet, powerful and also fairly easy to use.  In addition, it comes with some 60 stitches (essential, hemming, decorative, heirloom) , 6 one step button holes, and features like an automatic thread cutter, a built-in needle threader and an automatic bobbin winder.  It also weighs just over 18 lbs (not as heavy as one might expect).  On the downside it could have more decorative stitches and it is not an inexpensive sewing machine.

The “NQM” in NQM2016 stands for “National Quilt Museum”.  The National Quilt Museum is located in downtown Paducah, Kentucky and it has three galleries which feature some of the world’s finest quilt and fiber art.  They also host many quilt-related educational programs which are attended by quilters from all over the world.  You can learn more about the museum at their website here if you like.

Consumer Ratings
21 owner ratings for the NQM2016 were found and they are shown in the table below.  When these ratings are averaged they result in an overall score of 91/100 which is very good.  You can compare this figure to that of all other machines on our site here: sewing machine ratings.

Source Consumer Rating #Ratings
Amazon 4.5 stars out of 5 19
Sewing Machines Plus 5 stars out of 5 1
Sew Vac Direct 5 stars out of 5 1


Consumer Insights
A thorough review of owner comments from quality retailers has provided the following pros and cons:

- Quiet
- High quality stitch
- Easy to use
- Powerful
- Handy built-in needle threader
- Automatic thread cutter
- Great for quilting
- Many features
- Lighter than it looks

- Lighting, while adequate, isn’t impressive
- Expensive
- Not many decorative stitches

Like many (but not all) Janome sewing machines, the pros for the NQm2016 far outweigh the cons.   Almost all owners are pleased with their purchase save a small few who had issues with refurbished machines.  

The NQM2016 produces a quality stitch and is also remarkably quiet.  In addition, owners are surprised at the weight of the unit.  It is more lightweight than expected  - although it still feels solid, powerful and sturdy.  There are some reports of folks even taking this unit to sewing classes. 

The most talked-about features include the automatic thread cutter, the built-in needle threader and the automatic bobbin winder.  These are all well liked, as is the extension table.

NQM2016 Extension Table

Most owners report that this machine is great for free motion quilting and there are also some comments that it is an attractive sewing machine (although it really is similar in looks to a number of other Janome machines).

Janome NQM2016 large

Oddly, while the sewing machine is expensive and while the cost has been brought up occasionally by owners, there are no statements that it is too costly for what you get.  Folks seem to feel they are getting their money’s worth.

There are few negative reports related to the NQM2016 but some people wish the machine came with more presser feet and more decorative stitches – although neither of these concerns were deal breakers.  You can read more NQM2016 owner comments on Amazon.

Also, the lighting is adequate but some folks upgrade.  A great upgrade is a popular sewing machine lighting kit.  Those who have tried it say it does a very good job.  You can see the product on Amazon here and it is getting pretty solid reviews.  You can use this on any sewing machine.

Key NQM2016 Specifications
- 60 built-in stitches (essential, hemming, decorative, heirloom)
- 6 one-step buttonholes
- Automatic thread cutter
- Start & stop button
- Speed control (slider)
- Locking stitch button
- Needle up/down
- 15 needle positions
- LED control panel with easy to use arrow keys
- Top loading bobbin
- Jam-free bobbin and hook system
- Manual thread tension control
- Built-in needle threader
- Snap-on presser feet
- 7 piece feed dog
- Auto-declutch bobbin winder
- Reverse button
- Free arm
- Drop feed capable
- Extra high presser foot lift (allows for thicker fabrics)
- Presser foot pressure adjustment
- Max stitch width = 7mm
- Max stitch length = 5 mm

The Janome NQM2016 also has a built-in “pull-up” carry handle and a throat space of 6.5 inches.

Following is a graphic showing the 60 stitches available on the machine:

NQM2016 Stitches 

A few things that this machine doesn’t have:
- No knee lift
- No fonts for monogramming
- No automatic thread tension control
- No last stitch recall capability
- No twin needle guard

A host of accessories are provided including 8 presser feet: zigzag, overedge, open toe satin, ¼” seam, blind hem, satin stitch, automatic buttonhole, zipper.  You will also find a needle set, both large and small spool holders, a spool pin, a lint brush, a seam ripper, 4 bobbins, and a screwdriver.  In addition, there is a sewing machine manual, a hard cover, a large extension table and a foot controller.  It may seem obvious but Janome highlights that you get a power cord.  We have not personally run into an electronic sewing machine that was sold without a power cord but perhaps they are out there.

The image below is an excerpt from the NQM2016 Sewing Machine Manual and we include it here as it is easier to visualize the unit’s accessories.

Janome National Quilting Museum Accessories

Weight & Warranty
The NMQ2016 weighs in at 18.2 lbs which is not really lightweight but when compared to some similarly sized Janome machines it is not as heavy as expected.   It also carries the usual 25 year warranty which actually means:
- 25 Years on Mechanical Parts
- 2 Years on Electrical Parts
- 1 Year Labor
Bear in mind that this warranty applies only to normal household use of the sewing machine.  Should you use the NQM2016 for commercial purposes your warranty period for all parts and labor is set to 1 year.

Sewing Machine Manual
The NQM2016 has a great manual with plenty of pictures and information including detailed instructions on how to sew the following 6 buttonholes (square, round-end, fine fabric, keyhole, stretch, antique).  It also includes names of sewing machine parts, info on getting ready to sew, the basics of sewing, decorative stitching, taking care of your machine, and troubleshooting.  This is a 50 page manual: Janome National Quilt Museum 25th Anniversary sewing machine manual



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