97.3 If you are looking for the ultimate mechanical sewing machine that only sews straight stitches, then look no further than the Janome 1600P-QC.  This is a sturdy, workhorse of a machine that is as close to industrial as you can get without paying the really big bucks.  Owners like their 1600P and praise it for its ability to sew through almost anything and to sew extremely fast (up to 1600 stitches per minute).  This is also a very popular machine with quilters.  On the other hand if you want a lightweight unit, something with a host of stitch options, or if you are a beginner, then this is likely not the best machine for you.

Consumer Ratings
Owner ratings for the 1600P are extremely good.  We found 24 ratings from several online retail outlets – see table below.  When we applied our weighted average to these figures we got a score of 97.3 out of 100.  This is very good score.  You can compare it to the score of ALL the sewing machines we’ve reviewed in our sewing machine ratings table.
Source Consumer Rating # Ratings
Amazon.com 5 stars out of 5 10
Amazon.ca 4.2 stars out of 5 4
Sewing Machines Plus 5 stars out of 5 4
SewVacDirect 5 stars out of 5 6
Pros & Cons
A thorough review of owner comments has provided the following pros and cons:
- Very “heavy duty” machine
- Sturdy unit
- Automatic thread cutter
- Great for quilting
- Sews through thick materials easily
- Very fast sewing speed
- Feeds material well
- Makes a great stitch
- Smooth operation
- Cannot drop feed dogs (but they can be covered)
- Some folks find it a bit awkward to thread
- No free arm
- Only sews straight stitches
- Too heavy to be easily portable
janome 1600P-QC
What Are Owners Saying?
Most owner comments sing the praises of this sewing machine, although it is apparent that you need to know what you are buying as this unit is not a fit for everyone.  Having said that, it is apparent that owners have done their homework (as well they should given the price of the machine) and they are very happy with their purchase.  We’ve seen comments such as “sews through anything”, “good heavy duty machine”, “excellent value”, “meets all my expectations”, “I highly recommend this machine”, “I love it”, etc. 
Note: Lots of people really like their Janome sewing machine and we have a section in our Janome 128 review where we discuss why someone may want to buy "Janome".
Folks are also pleased with the speed of the 1600P and report that it is the one of the fastest sewing machines they have experienced (indeed Janome refers to it as “the fastest machine on the market”).  Owners are also happy that the unit has a speed slider which allows you to slow it down if you want.
The unit feels very solid and does not move around while you are sewing.  This is perhaps in part due to the metal body.
Another popular comment is how easily the machine sews through thick material or multiple layers of material.  Many describe the unit as capable of “sewing through thick materials like butter”.  It is very capable of dealing with the likes of denim, leather, canvas, etc.  Folks report that it makes a nice stitch in all weights of fabric.
1600P-QC needle area
The 1600P is also commonly described as a “workhorse” – the kind of machine you might find in a dress-making shop and one that can run all day.  Some say it is something between a domestic machine and an industrial machine. 
Quilters also report that they really like using the Janome 1600P-QC (Janome states that it is designed for both sewing and quilting).
On the downside, this unit only has a straight stitch.  This isn’t an issue for those who are looking for this kind of machine but if you want an array of stitch options then this is not the right machine.
Some folks feel that the built-in needle threader is a little awkward to deal with.  It does work ok but there are reports that it takes some getting used-to and owners wish it was a little easier to use.
You cannot drop the feed dogs on this sewing machine, but oddly we haven’t really seen much in the way of complaints about this.  The feed dogs can be covered to allow free motion quilting so if you understand this up front then you appear to be ok with it.
This is also a heavy machine at over 30 lbs.  This lends to its “industrial-like” feel but those who are looking for a unit to take to classes or sewing gatherings would likely find the 1600P a poor choice.
You can see more 1600P owner comments on Amazon.
Key Specifications
- Straight stitch only
- Large reverse stitch lever
- Maximum sewing speed = 1600 stitches per minute
- Speed control slider
- Built-in needle threader
- Automatic thread cutter
- Side-loading, industrial rotary hook bobbin
- Independent bobbin winding motor
- Simultaneous sewing and bobbin winding
- Programmable needle up/down
- Can use a feed coverplate if you want to do free motion
- Stitch length adjustment (up to 6mm)
- Stitch locking
- Adjustable tension (via a dial)
- Presser foot sensor
- Up to 11 lbs pressure from the presser foot
- Foot pressure adjustment
- Hinge type of presser foot
- Extra high presser foot lift
- Pre-tension thread regulator
- 2 lights illuminate sewing area
- Electronic foot control (liquid response so no stalls)
Janome 1600P sewing machine
Weight & Other Info
The Janome 1600P weighs in at a very hefty 32 lbs (14.5 kg) and it has a painted aluminum body.  The work area (to the right of the needle) is also fairly large at 8.85 inches x 5.5 inches.
This is a fast and heavy unit so Janome has added vibration dampening rubber to both smooth and quiet the operations.  This really is something of a hybrid between an industrial machine and a home machine, and you will find some of the features of each.
The unit also has a folding carry handle and it does require oiling.
A number of accessories come with your Janome 1600P-QC including a pack of needles:
- (1) HL x 5-9
- (2) HL x 5-11
- (1) HL x 5-14
- (1) HL x 5-16
You will also find oil, a knee lifter, a spool holder, a large spool cap, bobbins, a lint brush, a hemmer foot, a net, two screwdrivers (large and small) and a cloth guide.  In addition, Janome provides an accessory box for storage. 
Janome 1600P Accessories
The 1600P-QC carries Janome’s 25-year warranty which breaks down into:
- 25-years on mechanical parts
- 2-years on electrical parts
- 1-year for labor
Sewing Machine Manual
The manual for the 1600P-QC is written in English, Spanish and French.  It is fairly detailed but not as detailed as some of the other Janome sewing machine manuals we have run into.  Presumably this is the result of the 1600P being a fairly straightforward machine (not full of bells and whistles).  The illustrations are well-done and easy to follow.  You will find information highlighting all the features, how to setup and prepare for sewing, how to sew, caring for the 1600P, maintenance, troubleshooting, and even how to oil the machine.  See a copy of the manual here: Janome 1600P-QC Manual

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