98.9 The 7330 is the most advanced sewing machine in Janome’s Magnolia Line.  It is not a cheap machine and it costs about $400 or so, but if consumer reviews and ratings are anything to go by, it is worth every penny.  This is the highest rated sewing machine we have reviewed to date, and owners feel that it is a sturdy workhorse that is also quiet and easy to use. [REF Janome Sewing Machine Ratings]

Consumer Insights
Consumer comments related to the Janome 7330 Magnolia are almost all very, very good.  Complaints are limited to issues like “I haven’t used all the features yet so I will only give it 4 out of 5 for now”, or “I needed advice related to the machine and the company I bought it from wasn’t helpful”.   Other than these kinds of statements – that don’t directly relate to the machine having issues – all consumer comments a glowing

Folks seem to like that the machine is very easy to use (the manual is also well laid out with simple to follow instructions) and there are none of the typical issues associated with less effective machines (tension issues, jamming, difficult threading, bobbin problems, breaking plastic parts, etc.). It is also praised for being quiet and for being able to easily sew through thick materials or many layers of normal thickness material.

Most owners are also happy with the 30 built-on stitches and don’t feel the need for more, however we have seen comments indicating that more stitches would be a nice feature.  A list of pros and cons taken from consumer comments is provided below and it can be seen that the pros far outweigh the cons.

- Very solid machine
- Easy to use
- Handles heavy fabrics easily
- Has the ability to control stitching speed
- Quiet
- Good instruction manual
- Easy to thread
- Work area lighting is bright

- Not a large number of fancy stitches

You can read more detailed customer reviews for the Janome 7330 on Amazon.

Consumer Ratings
Consumer ratings mimic the praise heaped on this machine by consumers.  Several were found on a number of different retail sites.  The weighted average of these is 98.9 out of 100 and this is the highest we have seen in a sewing machine to date.  It should be noted that there are not a large number of reviews here (30) but the sample size is still significant.

 Source  Consumer Ratings  #Ratings
 Amazon  4.9 stars out of 5  17
 Mr Vac & Mrs Sew  5 stars out of 5  9
 Sewing Machines Plus  5 stars out of 5  3
 Epinions  5 stars out of 5  1

Key Sewing Machine Features
- 30 built in decorative stitches including 6 buttonholes
- LED screen for selecting and displaying stitches
- Adjustable stitch width and length (via simple +/- buttons)
- Free arm capability
- Drop feed capability
- Automatic Needle Threader
- Needle up/down
- 15 needle positions
- Stop/start button (can sew without a foot pedal)
- Reverse stitch button
- Precision tension dial
- Auto-Declutch bobbin winder
- Speed control via slider
- Electronic Foot Control
- Snap-on presser feet
- Auto locking stitches (secures the end of a seam)
- Accessory storage
- Thread cutter
- Auto-declutch bobbinwinder
- Extra high presser foot lift

The Janome 7330 comes with a retractable carrying handle but it should be noted that the machine isn’t particularly light at just over 18 lbs.  It also has a halogen light that illuminates the sewing area and some owners have indicated that the light is nice and bright.

There are also an array of good accessories provided including several presser feet (general-purpose, zipper, satin stitch, automatic buttonhole), a screwdriver, four bobbins, both large and small spool holders, a seam ripper, a needle set, a spool stand, a spool pin, a lint brush, and a manual.  The Janome warranty provides 25 years on mechanical parts, 2 years on electrical parts and 1 year labor.

Sewing Machine Manual
Also, a review of the Janome 7330 Magnolia manual will provide more details and is a good idea if you are considering a purchase.  The manual is well written and comes in Engligh, Spanish and French.



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