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90.9 This is the little brother of the PC-420 (and it is over $100 cheaper).  The PC-210 is great for beginners and experienced sewers alike and it gets good ratings from consumers.  It has also received very good grades from Consumer Reports magazine.  It is a computerized sewing machine with 50 stitches including utility, quilting, decorative, heirloom, etc.  Owners like the speed control, ease of use and quietness of the PC-210 but a few have struggled with thread jamming issues.  [REF Brother Sewing Machine Ratings]

Consumer Insights
The Brother PC-210 is available at a number of online retailers and these sites also help to compile consumer ratings and comments.  A review of these comments often yields important insights into the features and characteristics of the sewing machine.  Owners are, for the most part, very happy with their purchase of the Project Runway PC-210.  Most ratings are very high with only a few unhappy customers.  Those that don’t like the machine have experienced thread jamming problems and tension setting issues.  It should be noted however that these kinds of experiences were very much in the minority.

This sewing machine generally gets fairly stellar customer reviews and folks like the clear and detailed sewing machine manual as well as the sturdy build and quiet operation of the machine.  The sliding control that allows one to slow (or speed up) the sewing is also a popular feature with a number of owners indicating they use this when teaching someone to sew.  On-board accessory storage is a well-liked feature as is the automated needle threading.

A list of Brother PC-210 owner likes and dislikes is provided below:

- Top drop-in bobbin
- Speed control feature (mostly the ability to slow it way down)
- Creates good buttonholes
- Compartment with molded storage slots for the feet
- Good, detailed manual
- Hard cover is good quality
- Easy to use
- Sturdy feeling machine
- Quiet with no vibrations
- Easy to thread

- Light is not that bright
- A few owners have experienced thread jamming problems

Consumer Ratings
Consumer ratings, if there are a sufficient number, generally tell the story regarding the value of a particular purchase.  Ratings for the Brother Project Runway PC-210 are quite good.  See below:

 Source  Consumer Ratings  #Ratings
 Amazon  4.4 stars out of 5  18
 Mr Vac & Mrs Sew  5 stars out of 5  4
 QVC  5 stars out of 5  3
 Macy's  4 stars out of 5  1

The PC-420, with it’s myriad of stitch options gets even higher scores and you may wish to view our Brother Project Runway PC-420 review.

Key Sewing Machine Features
- 50 computerized stitches (34 decorative, 16 utility stitch functions).  The LED display also indicates what stitch is being used.
- Capable of 850 stitches per minute (speed set with sliding control)
- 5 different 1-step automatic buttonholes
- 14 different needle positions
- LED display control screen (monochrome)
- Programmable adjustment of presser foot pressure
- Presser foot levelling capability (helps keep stitches consistent over materials of different thickness)
- Ability to control both stitch width (max = 7mm) and stitch length (max = 5mm)
- 6-point feed dogs (they can also be lowered via a switch)
- Hard storage cover
- Built-in accessory storage
- Quick-set bobbin
- Manual thread tensioning system
- Automatic needle threader
- LED light illuminates sewing area
- Large area sewing bed for bigger projects
- Reverse function
- Can stop with needle up or needle down
- Built-in free arm
- Top drop-in bobbin

The PC-210 also comes with a wide range of accessories including a number of feet (zipper, zigzag, blind stitch, buttonhole, button fitting, overcasting and monogramming), a seam ripper, a set of needles, a cleaning brush, both large and small screwdrivers, as well as large, medium and small spool caps.  There is also foot controller.

The machine itself weighs 17 lbs, which is about average, and it carries a 25 year limited warranty (1-year labor, 2 years electronics).



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