Brother PQ1500S
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97.0 This is a fast machine that is great for quilters and serious seamstresses alike.  It comes with an extension table for large projects, is capable of sewing through thick fabric and it is relatively quiet.  It also includes a host of accessories.  However there are a few comments from owners indicating frustration in accessing and loading the bobbin.  [REF Brother Sewing Machine Reviews]

Consumer Ratings
Consumer ratings for the Brother PQ1500S are extremely good providing an average score of 97.0 out of 100.  This makes the PQ1500S the highest rated Brother sewing machine we have looked at to date.  Ratings are not plentiful but a total of 23 were found and these, along with their sources, are shown in the table below. 

 Source Consumer Ratings #Ratings
 Amazon 4.9 stars out of 5 15
 Mr Vac & Mrs Sew 4.75 stars out of 5 4
 Epinions 4.5 stars out of 5 2
 Sewing Machines Plus 5 stars out of 5 2

Consumer Insights
The general consensus is that this machine is a delight to use and many owners seem very pleased with its abilities with respect to quilting and regular sewing.  It also has a maximum stitching speed of 1500 stitches per minute and a number of consumers like this capability.  There is singular praise for the quality of the stitches and also for the fact that the machine doesn’t skip stitches.  In addition, thread or needle breakage is reportedly rare. 

As noted in the pros and cons section below however, a few owners have difficulty loading the bobbin and case into the unit – it is apparently easier if you are left-handed but still tricky.  In addition, the automatic needle threader causes some consternation as the eye of the needle is difficult to see from a vantage point directly in front of the machine. 

A number of general likes and dislikes have been gleaned from the consumer comments and these are provided below:

- Lots of great features for quilting
- Very fast
- Quiet & smooth operation
- Great stitches
- Sews through thick material
- Knee lift is a useful feature

- Some folks struggle with accessing and loading the bobbin
- The automatic needle threader could be easier to use

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Key Sewing Machine Features
- Max speed is 1500 stitches per minute
- Reverse stitch lever
- Stitch length dial
- Extra large extension table 12” x 18” (useful for quilting or large projects)
- Fabric separator feature
- 4 feed dog settings
- Drop feed control
- Adjustable pin feed mechanism to prevent slippage
- Knee lift for raising the presser feet (keeps the hands free)
- Automatic thread cutter
- Automatic needle threader
- Vertical bobbin
- Screw on presser feet
- Adjustable presser foot pressure
- Thread tension dial
- Programmable needle stop positions (up/down)
- Lighted sewing area
- Built-in thread stand
- Foot speed controller

The PQ1500S High Speed Quilting and Sewing Machine is powered by a 1.5 amp, 150 watt motor and is both UL and CSA listed.  The machine also comes with a large array of accessories.  The feet provided with the machine include the following:

-Walking foot
-Quilting foot
-Zipper foot
-1/4 inch
-Rolled hem
-General purpose
-Invisible zipper foot

It should be noted that the type of feet provided with this particular sewing machine appears to vary to some degree from source to source.  The PQ1500S also includes a foot controller, an extension table, a seam guide, a fabric separator, a soft cover and a group of sewing notions such as bobbins, needles, screwdrivers, a spool cap, a feed pin, a spool cushion, etc.  The Brother PQ1500S carries a 25-year warranty on mechanicals, a 5-year warranty on electricals and a 1-year warranty on parts and labor.


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