Brother PC-420 Project Runway
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96.1 The Brother PC-420 Project Runway Sewing Machine gets spectacular consumer reviews.  With a score of 96.1 from 59 reviews almost all of those that bought the machine are very happy with it.   Frankly speaking it is hard to find comments related to this machine's drawbacks.   It is also absolutely packed with features and comes with 294 utility and decorative stitches, 10 styles of automatic buttonholes, and 3 lettering styles. [REF Brother Sewing Machine Ratings]

Consumer Insights
We rarely run into a machine that gets so many positive comments and so few negative comments.  In short, consumers love the Brother PC-420 Project Runway sewing machine.  And even though this is by no means an inexpensive machine consumers do not seem to bring up the price as a downside.  Most feel that they are getting more than their money’s worth.

A review of consumer comments from several quality sites indicates the following common Brother PC-420 likes and dislikes.

- Many features
- User friendly
- Works well with multiple layers of fabric
- Quiet
- Automatic threader is useful feature
- Well built
- Excellent stitch selection
- Speed control is a great feature
- Comes with many accessories
- Embroidery function is easy to use

- Light not in optimal position for lighting sewing area

You can read more detailed customer reviews for the Brother PC-420 on Amazon.

Consumer ratings
Consumer ratings, much like consumer comments for this machine, are excellent.  These have been compiled in the table below and a weighted average score calculated.  Score = 96.1.

 Source  Consumer Ratings  #Ratings
 Amazon  4.8 stars out of 5  47
 Epinions  5 stars out of 5  1
 Sears  5 stars out of 5  1
 J&R  4.5 stars out of 5  4
 QVC  5 stars out of 5  3
 Buy.com  5 stars out of 5  2
 JCPenney  5 stars out of 5  1

Key Sewing Machine Features
- 294 utility & decorative stitches
- 1-step automatic buttonholes (comes in 10 styles)
- 3 different lettering styles
- LCD screen
- Automatic thread cutter
- Automatic needle threader
- Stitch length and width control (digital)
- Custom stitch feature
- Hard cover carrying case
- Built in storage
- 14 needle positions
- Quick set bobbin
- Huge number of accessory feet

The Brother PC4-20 Project Runway Sewing Machine weighs 17 lbs and carries a 25-year limited warranty.  It also has a 1-year labor warranty and a 2-year electronics warranty.  It comes packed with accessories including a seam ripper, a needle set, a cleaning brush, an eyelet punch, many different spool caps, both a large and small screwdriver, and much more.  You can read more about the features and view the Brother PC-420 on Amazon.



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