In addition to standard Brother sewing machines, this company makes machines specifically designed for many different uses.  For example they also make sergers, embroidery machines, quilting machines, computerized sewing machines, and industrial sewing machines.   The company is also well known for their printers, photocopiers and other office equipment.

Their corporate headquarters in the US is located in Bridgewater, New Jersey and they are owned by Brother Industries, LTD of Nagoya, Japan.  They are one of the leading manufacturers of home sewing and embroidery machines, and as a company that also manufactures electronics, they have brought the home sewing machine into the modern age.

Brother are the supplier of sewing machines for the popular show “Project Runway”, a television show based in New York where future designers compete for a place in Bryant Park’s Fashion Week.  It is apparent that Brother sewing machines have come a long way from their humble beginnings in Japan.

The History of Brother Sewing Machines
The idea for Brother sewing machines was conceived back in 1908, by founder Kanekichi Yasui at his first company - the Yasui sewing machine company.  Several name changes and half a decade later, Yasui was exporting Brother sewing machines to many different countries.  However, Brother did not become a household name in America until 1971, when Yasui started exporting dot matrix printers.  Today, Brother sewing machines are still some of the most recognized and trusted home sewing machines on the market.  This is because this company works to make every product that they develop an innovative one. As you can see by the following products, this is as true today as it was in 1908.

Home Sewing Machines
The most basic machine that Brother makes is the straight stitch sewing machine.  It comes with the least features but is great for the beginning sewer and for mending.  The next step up are the Brother sewing machines that have touch pads to make sewing faster, and also come with features like multiple preprogrammed stitches, easy threading function, and a one-step buttonhole feature.  The computerized sewing machines have even more features and are even faster to operate.  The LCD screen on these machines will even give you instructions such as which foot you should be using, depending on what you are sewing.   Brother also has sewing machines that specialize in quilting.

Sergers are different from sewing machines because they actually bid the stitch from the back at the same time they straight stitch sew.  This makes them ideal if you want to design and sew clothing.  The most basic sergers from Brother have the capacity to hold four spools of thread, have a flat bed sewing surface, and tension release for easy threading.  The next model up has similar features, but comes with two needles instead of one and a differential feed to sew more advanced and more professional looking garments.  The next model comes with chain stitch capabilities and cove stitch capabilities of 3mm and 6mm, which make it more versatile than the others.

Embroidery Machines
The embroidery machines are mainly for those who want to start a home based business.  They generally come with enough built-in embroidery designs and patterns so that someone can embroider professionally.  Brother has a contract with the Disney Corporation, so designs include many of the Disney characters.  You can also purchase more designs and get information and advice from the Brother creative team.  

These are only some of the types of Brother sewing machines (and related items) that you can buy.  There are hundreds of models to choose from.  Brother sewing machines are also made for every level of skill - from the novice to the professional sewer.

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